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Kevin A. Leonard, Executive Director
Department of History, MS9061
Western Washington University
516 High Street
Bellingham, WA  98225

Web Admin

If you are experiencing difficulties using/viewing the site, please contact our web developer and provide (if possible) the following information:

  • what type of device you were using: desktop or mobile;
  • what operating system you were using and version: Windows (ver. x), Apple iOS (ver. x) or Mac OS X (ver. x), Linux (e.g., Ubuntu), Android (ver. x), etc.;
  • what browser you were using (on either a mobile device or desktop) and version: e.g., Internet Explorer 10.x, desktop; Firefox 52.x, desktop; Safari, mobile; Google Chrome, mobile; etc.;
  • which page, pages, or sections you were accessing;
  • and any other information related to your issue, e.g., “drop–down menu would not work when I clicked it…”.

The more information you can provide will help us better resolve the issue in a timely fashion for you and others that might have experienced the same issue. Thank you for your help and input in making our site better.

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